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MM denotes resources with multimedia (images, video, etc.)


Career exploration

MM Career OneStop videos -- Transcribed videos, each a few minutes long. Includes cluster and career, skills and abilities, industries, and work options. Some videos available in Spanish. Videos can be downloaded.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - Information on many jobs, such as the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions. Also job search tips, state-specific job information, and more.

World of Work Map -- students assess themselves according to their work preferences: data, ideas, people, and things, and consider careers that match.

America’s Career InfoNet -- myriad resources on jobs

MM Massachusetts Career Information System  - occupational information, videos, online assessment tools, can create an online portfolio
Crittenton Women’s Union - link for a family self-sufficiency calculator
Job Development Essentials: A Guide for Job Developers -- an easy how-to guide for building relationships with employers.

Short-Term Training For Careers - student interviews with classmates about their experiences training to be a bookkeeper, a nursing assistant, an office assistant, and an electronics technician. Includes notes to students and notes to teachers.

Job Opportunities for Adults -- Boston Private Industry Council provides many resources for staff and students. Included are resources for non-native English speakers, online job search tools, a list of many training providers, and more.



College for Adults - For students. Includes career planning, applying to college, financial aid, academic skills, and resources. Explains special considerations for ESOL and ex-offender/incarcerated students.

National College Transition Network - For staff. Includes promising practices, publications, conferences, and resources.


Computer skills

Multilevel classes, Google Forms, and Edmodo -- Technology sharing meeting 3/14/13 resources and notes.

Managing Students With Computers - Many useful tips and resources, though some are outdated. (National Teacher Training Institute)

Teaching Multilevel ESOL Classes - Do you have a class that has varying levels of computer skills? This discusses regular ESOL classes, but review the variety of ways to group students to help you design your computer activities.

CAAAELII Simple language computer lessons - ranges from names of computer parts to making a resume, emailing, and more. To access the downloadable lessons, look in the center of the page and click Click here to download lessons.

Word Processing-based Activities for a Language Class - a variety of activities, most of which can be geared for different levels.

Computers in Action - language activities integrated into basic to intermediate word processing skill practice. Change the language content to a prevocational focus. Check out the Notes to the Teacher for useful tips that can make your computer time go more smoothly.

Tutorials for basic and higher levels - Diana's favorites

St. Paul Basic Computer Skills Curriculum – lessons, activities, teacher guides

St. Paul Computers for Work curriculum – includes videos with/without words, transcripts, and supporting lessons

Out and About in the World of Computers – workbook with materials on the teacher website. Also available through the public library. Integrates beginning ESOL with basic computing, word processing, Internet, email. Teacher guide is free online.

Learning Computers, Speaking English - workbook with digital materials on the website. High beginner/intermediate ESOL skills and topics integrated with basic computer and word processing skills.



MM Communicating at Work - an online set of self-paced multimedia lessons, quizzes, and assignments about communication and culture for high beginner/intermediate ESOL levels, with extension activities for advanced levels.
MM The Boss Can’t Do That, Can He? -- a set of lessons on various worker rights topics, such as Introduction to Workers’ Basic Legal Protections on the Job, Overtime, and Protection from Discrimination. Some units available in Spanish, some adapted for ESOL learners. Scroll down and look on the right side of the page for information and links.

ABE Florida 2001: Workforce Readiness Learning Activities Resource Guide -- From Leon County Schools Adult and Community Education.
East Baltimore Pipeline Job Readiness Training Curriculum -- By Karen Harvey, Professional Training Systems, Inc. and Sarah Griffen, Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2005.
Financial Education Toolkit, Massachusetts Association for Community Action and Institute on Assets and Social Policy, Brandeis University, 2009.
Getting There: A Curriculum for Moving People into Employment ,Marian Colette Beverly Woliver, Mary Beth Bingman, and Juliet Merrifield, The Center for Literacy Studies, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1996.

MM The Right To Work: Understanding Immigrant Employment Rights -- An ESOL workbook is available online along with related video resources.

The Life Skills, College, and Career Readiness Guide For ESOL Learners in a pdf document or in an editable document - This resource is NOT a list of skills but a resource that translates those skills into interesting classroom activities. There are three sections, one each for Basic (SPLs 0-3), Intermediate (SPLs 4-5), and Advanced (SPL 6) ESOL learners. Activities can be easily adapted for ABE and Transitions students as well.

Online Job Application Workshop The materials are designed for trainers and other presenters and provides an introduction to the world of online job applications, including personality assessments. Accompanying sample job application and articles.

Business Communication Strategies (Scott Smith, Pro Lingua Associates pub.) - Shinobu at AACA uses it with her class that is SPL 5-6.

Send Me A Message: A Step-By-Step Business Approach To Business and Professional Writing (Daphne Mackay, McGraw-Hill pub.) -- Another recommendation from Shinobu.

UMass Dartmouth Workers' Education Program curriculum guideThis set of six guides, one for each Student Proficiency Level (SPL), was developed by the staff at this New Bedford program.  Each four-page guide lists the ESOL listening, speaking, reading and writing benchmarks for that SPL and recommends specific teaching approaches and materials. 
MM Career Tutorials - numerous topics such as career planning, interviewing skills, workplace basics, and much more. Includes screencasts and links to other resources. (GCLearnFree)


ESOL lessons and activities

USALearns online self study - complete courses covering language and life skills, including some employment-related topics, for beginner (not absolute beginner) through intermediate levels. Includes orientation videos in English and Spanish.

USALearns teacher site - you can create a class to have your students enroll in so you can track their scores and correct their writing. For information, look at the bottom of the page and click About Us.

Diana's companion site for USALearns - feel free to borrow and steal materials.

MM Randall's ESL Listening Lab - standalone activities on many topics. Includes audio and self-correcting quizzes. Lots to check out in the center sections of the page, as well as the top left and right sections. In the top right, click First-Time Users, and Self Study Guide.

MM Manythings - just like it says. Standalone self-correcting quizzes and more for many levels, many topics. 

Diana's collection of favorite ESOL-related websites - Click to watch a video showing how to search for what you want.


General resources for staff

Job Net - focused job fairs (on the top menu, click News and Events), plus workshops, counseling, and many more services. 

Dress for Success - they "provide professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life."

Boston Opportunity Agenda - supports for state-funded?? organizations include adult basic education and career and college transitions.

Building Impact - matches companies' volunteers with projects, for example interview practice, tutoring, mentoring, and more.

SABES Workforce Development - resources and information such as curricula and best practices, along with humans at SABES you can contact for support.

MM Diana's links related to work - Includes some of above. Also lessons and practice for students, such as resumes, interviewing, special English, and more.

Jobs and Community Services programs - searchable by agency and program type, such as SkillWorks, and Training for Welfare Recipients.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education programs - searchable list 

Job Opportunities for Adults -- Boston Private Industry Council provides many resources for staff and students. Included are resources for non-native English speakers, online job search tools, a list of many training providers, and more.

Boston Adult Literacy Initiative - searchable list of Boston adult education providers that receive funding from the Massachusetts Department of Education and/or the city of Boston. Includes programs offering job skills, college transition, and more.

Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations - list of CDC agencies that provide various services to their communities, many of which include job training, counseling, and placement. 

Commonwealth Workforce Coalition - Professional development, resources, information, networking, and an annual conference.



MM The Office -- Multimedia online simulation of working as an administrative assistant/secretary -type of job: phone and email messages, assignments, math, and more. Fun!

Business English - self-paced lessons on various business topics such as writing business letters, giving presentations, and writing resumes. High intermediate/advanced levels.



MM English vocabulary practice - vocabulary practice with images. Many categories, some of which are related to vocations, such as food and drinks, things people wear, and transportation. Each set of vocabulary can be practiced via five different games.

MM English For Work Interactive - basic level English videos with accompanying lessons and practice.

MM English for Work - Vocabulary, audio of conversations, and quizzes.

MM English for the Nursing Assistant - mini-course with videos and assignments.

English Vocabulary, Grammar, and Quizzes for the Hospitality Industry

MM America's Career InfoNet - Lots here, but my favorite are their 2-minute videos on hundreds of jobs and job skills. Look for the section Videos and click.

Vocabulary for Resumes - active voice, action verbs.


Online job applications

Workshop PowerPoint (PDF)

ESOL Vocabulary Sheet - Job Readiness (Word)

Online job application sample: Childrens Hospital (PowerPoint)

Online job application sample: Whole Foods (PowerPoint)

Online job application sample: Marriott (edited, pictures portion) (PowerPoint)

Business Card for online job application (Microsoft Publisher)  

Schedule Worksheet (Word)

Tips When Completing an Online Application (Word)

What You Should Know About Online Applications (Word)

Addresses Worksheet (Word)

Background Information Worksheet (Word)

Reference Worksheet (Word)

Online Application Planning Guide for Staff (Word)

Student tutorial about online forms - (from BBC)

Beginner to intermediate practice online forms - Bite-sized practice, various levels (from the Minnesota Literacy Council)

Beginner to intermediate interactive quizzes/printable practice on basic form fields (from Multi-Cultural Educational Services) 

Intermediate practice application including attaching resume - (from Experience Works)

Intermediate practice application - (from Stratford Library)

Advanced practice application - Downloadable. (from Boston Private Industry Council)

Advanced practice application, including behavioral questions. (from Goodwill)



Interview worksheets from the Hotel Training Center

A big thank you to Joan for sharing all these great handouts/lesson from the Hotel Training Center's English for Hospitality class.  These are the ones shared at the Job Readiness Sharing group. The handout titled "Spelling Your Name" is from the Apply Yourself book.

Instructions to download: Click the link. A new window will open. In the top left corner, click the Download tab.

Spelling your name

I am strong

Do you have any questions for me?

Common mistakes in answers to interview questions 

Why should we hire YOU?

Mock interview scorecard


Business cards

Free templates for Word -- You need to fill a short form to download them.

Lesson plans - High level English, but good ideas that could be modified.


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